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Tools and Accessories

  1. KMW Pod-Loc (Lever Locking Arm) 875

    KMW Pod-Loc (Lever Locking Arm)

    Fits Harris S Series Bipods
    Item: 875
    Condition: New
    Stock Key: 25

    This spring loaded lever is a serious upgrade to the locking nut that comes standard on the Harris S Series Bipods. Allows the shooter to easly lock the bipod into position. The spring mechanism allows you to reposition the lever arm against the gun stock to minimize snagging potential. Used by the US Military.


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  2. Wheeler FAT Wrench

    Wheeler FAT Wrench

    Torque Wrench from 10 to 65 inch pounds
    Item: 553556
    Condition: New
    Stock Key: 4

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  3. Vortex Torque Wrench Mounting Kit

    Vortex Torque Wrench Mounting Kit

    Item: CTW
    Condition: New

    This Torque Wrench Mounting Kit from Vortex comes with 8 types of bits.

    -3/16” Hex bit - Fits Vortex Bobro mounts
    -2.5mm Hex bit - Fits Razor Red Dot
    -3mm Hex bit - Fits Hunter rings, CM-202 and CM-203
    -T15 Torx bit - Fits Viper rings and Tactical rings
    -T25 Torx bit – Fits PMR rings
    -1/2" Socket - Fits Tactical rings
    -10mm Wide Screwdriver bit – Fits Hunter and Viper clamp bolt
    -1/4" Socket adapter


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  4. Fix It Sticks Torque Limiter - 65 & 25 lbs - 16 Bits

    Fix It Sticks Torque Limiter - 65 & 25 lbs - 16 Bits

    Bit Adapter - 1/2" & 1/4" Socket - Tactical tailor Basic Pouch
    Item: FISTLS5
    Condition: New
    Stock Key: 1

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  5. Nightforce Tool Kit  -  A432

    Nightforce Tool Kit

    Tool Kit
    Item: A432
    Condition: New

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  6. Nightforce 68 Inch Pound Torque Wrench NFTORQ

    Nightforce 68 Inch Pound Torque Wrench

    Ring Mount Torque Wrench
    Item: A179
    Condition: New
    Stock Key: 3
    This torque wrench is designed to attach Nightforce Scope Rings to Picatinny Style rails at the specified torque of 68 inch pounds. Proper torque attachment provides ideal attachment strength without risk of damaging the rings.
    We source this item directly from Nightforce, and it's the one they recommend, but item is not a Nightforce brand.
    3/8" Drive - scope rings have 1/2" nut

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