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At SportOptics.com we know rifle scopes and over the years we’ve gained the respect and appreciation of thousands of American shooters for our expertise and unbiased advice. As you browse our site you’ll soon discover we don’t carry every scope on the market, but have chosen instead to specialize in the better quality end of the market and run our store as if it were a Pro Shop in your town. If you’re considering making a sizable investment, be it for your first great riflescope, or to add another to a vast collection, we encourage you to use our staff for information and unbiased opinions. Please give us a call, you’ll find a professional ready to assist you in your selection process.

For many years there were limited options if you were seeking a premium grade riflescope, but now there are so many scopes on the market that it can be a bit confusing sorting thru everything. Below is a list of each of the rifle scope brands we carry, just click on any manufacturer names above for more information, or feel free to call us if we may be of assistance in your selection process, (800) 720-9625.

Swarovski Optik - There is little doubt that this Austrian manufacture of sporting optics offers one of the worlds most respected brands of binoculars, rifle scopes, spotting scopes and range finders. When you have a company mantra of "Continuous Improvement of the Good" it's easy to see why so many sportsmen are completely dedicated to the brand. If you're looking to make a sizable investment on this top tier product then you might want to take a look at some of our Swarovski Rifle Scope Reviews we have on the site before you buy. SportOptics.com has long been considered to be the Swarovski Rifle Scopes dealer of choice on the web. To fully equip you may also want to consider their binoculars or spotting scopes.

Burris Optics - With a large selection of tactical optics, hand gun scopes, red dot sights, and traditional hunting scopes, Burris manages to cover just about every need the shooting sportsman might have. They also manage to offer a variety of price ranges too, so they can fit just about any budget. So whether you’re looking to spend a day on the range or in the woods there will likely be a Burris scope made to cover your need.
The company is most recently noted for their introduction of the Burris Eliminator Rifle Scope with the built in Laser Range Finder. This product takes long range precision shooting to the next level by eliminating the guess work associated with long range ballistic compensation. We have lots of Burris Rifle Scope reviews for you to read as well.

Carl Zeiss Optical - There is little doubt that this German company is renowned for making the finest optical products in the world and their sporting optics are now exception. Each Zeiss binocular, riflescope, spotting scope or rangefinder is a marvel of innovation, function, design, and robustness. If a sportsman wanted to find one brand to serve all the optic needs then the Zeiss brand would be worthy of serious consideration. Most recently they have introduced the Victory HT line of hunting optics which offer the highest light transmission of any sporting optic ever produced, a product line sure to peak the interest of those searching for the ultimate low-light hunting scope. If you're looking for a more affordable investment without a big sacrifice in quality then take a look at two offerings from Zeiss rifle scope called Conquest HD5 and Terra, they offer a lot of performance for the dollar.

Leica Camera - Few brands enjoy a more dedicated following then the German company Leica Camera, and while they do not carry the largest sporting optic selection in the industry the quality minded sportsman can certainly find everything he needs from this manufacturer. Most recently they have begun to offer a new line of Leica Riflescopes called the ERi. These scopes are considered by our staff to be the best value in the 30mm premium class and they come standard with illuminated reticles. As you would expect these scopes live up to the world class reputation for performance and exactness Leica is famous for, thus completing their product line for the sportsman who wants to find everything under one roof. They also offer a full line of quality binoculars, spotting scopes, and of course, the finest laser range finding optics in the world. Most recently they have introduced the game changing Leica Geovid HD-B, a new binocular range finder that sets a new high watermark for the rest of the industry.

Nightforce - Nightforce rifle scopes are a marvel of mechanical precision and durability and have a reputation of winning over the most particular and demanding of shooting sportsman. Once you spend some time behind a Nightforce Scope you'll understand why some shooters have completely abandoned other brands to fully and completely equip with the products produced by Nightforce Optics. They have a wide offering of optics including products that will serve the hunter, competition shooter, and the professionals of our military and law enforcement communities. Their products include the Benchrest, SHV, NXS, ATACR, Beast and Competition. Most recently they have introduced a line of spotting scopes that is sure to complement their existing line of quality offerings.

Aimpoint - When it comes to close quarter battle scopes there is little argument that Aimpoint sights have revolutionized the task of quickly and accurately acquiring targets at close distances, they are the pioneer of the red dot sight product segment. While these scopes are now commonplace Aimpoint still leads the pack with their reputation for robustness and ease of use, and there is little doubt that Aimpoint features the most advance electronics system of any product in this class. The battery life associated with some of these products is nothing short of amazing, some sights may be left in the on position for five years or longer allowing the unit to be left on “always be at the ready”.

Leupold - Leupold scopes have been a mainstay for American sportsman for decades. They are best known for their durability, optical performance and rock solid warranty. The company has been in existence for over 100 years and has worked diligently to advance the technology of sporting optics. The company offers perhaps the largest assortment of products on the American market from very high end tactical scopes to something for the budget minded hunter and a wide assortment of handgun scopes. The product are built for a lifetime of service and all are backed by their famous Lifetime Warranty. We list most of what is offered by this company on our site and have lots of Leupold Rifle Scope Reviews for you to browse.

Kahles Rifle Scopes - This Austrian company is one of the most respected optics manufacturers in the world and has been in existence in excess of 100 years. They are the inventor of the riflescope and continue to innovate with a passion for perfection that is hard to find outside of Europe. In 1974 Fredrich Kahles sold his family's firm to the Swarovski family who now operates it as part of the Swarovski Optik Group. While the company's operate independently from each other its clear they both share the same passion for innovation and optical perfection. Most recently Kahles has introduced a premium line of tactical optics that has set a new benchmark in the super premium price point.

Trijicon - Founded in the early 1980s Trijicon has become a favorite brand of many military and law enforcement professionals. They are most famous for their ACOG, Advanced Combat Optical Gunsite, a unique sighting device that has seen significant combat use by US military forces. It is also a popular AR15 scope for domestic law enforcement agencies and recreational shooters. The company has been very innovative with their use of fiber optics and the radioactive isotope tritium as a source of illumination in their gun scopes. These systems give many Trijicon sights unique properties that are not available from other rifle scope manufacturers. Trijicon also produces a full line of hunting scopes with their Accupoint product line and handgun sights with the Trijicon Night Sight. Most recently the company has introduced its TARS tactical sniper scope for the premium tactical shooter.

Meopta - This is one of the fastest growing sporting optics manufacturers in the world, and with good reason. For over 80 years this company has been a leader in optical innovation and has developed some of the most technologically advanced optical products ever fielded. They make sophisticated scientific and medical devices, world class projection lenses for cinema use, military optical and aiming systems, and consumer sporting optics. They are headquartered in the Czech Republic but manufacture a growing number of their products in the United States. The company has a reputation for producing binoculars, rifle scopes, and spotting scopes with performance characteristics equal to other premium European companies for prices that are considerably more affordable.

Schmidt Bender - This German company has been in the rifle scope business for a long time and has a reputation for producing precision optical devices. Their products are uniquely styled, function and bullet proof rugged. They are made with the highest quality materials and are built to exacting German engineering standards. These scopes are sure to provide a lifetime of faithful use.
The company has two main hunting scope offerings the Klassik and Zenith, both of which have a variety of reticle options including illuminated and standard. They also offer a world class tactical rifle scope in the Police and Marksman II. The two most popular configurations in this product line are the 3-20x50 and the 5-25x56.

Browe - Browe optics is a company founded by a former executive from Trijicon. While this is a relatively new company, they are quickly proving their ability to produce unique, quality products to suit your target, hunting, or military needs. May people see the Browe combat optic as the evolution of the Trijicon ACOG.

Steiner - Karl Steiner began pioneering optics in Germany in the mid 1940s, since that time their products have been an example of what true German quality should be. For many decades they were considered to be the finest binocular manufacturer in the world. Now that the company is owned by Beretta they have introduced a line of riflescopes that are sure to impress. Most recently this company has shaken the high end tactical scope world with the introduction of the Steiner Military scopes line. An absolutely world class product line that adds yet another alternative to those seeking a premium German made tactical optic.

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